Dr. Barbara is an absolute treasure. I have been living with anxiety and depression since childhood, and decided to try acupuncture to help treat it. I was so very lucky to find Dr. Barbara! I could not believe the results of her treatments. I felt such improvement of mood, and general wellbeing. She also improved my sleep immensely.

Being as we are, in the age of the lightning fast Dr’s office visit, it is most refreshing to sit down in Barbara’s office and discuss your concerns thoroughly with ease. Sharp and compassionate, with a love of her work, Barbara is by far the best Dr. I have ever been to.
Age 28
Having been a chiropractic patient for over 35 years, and having great results, a bladder condition called Interstitial Cystitis put me down in extreme pain. My chiropractor and urologist worked with me for two years with minimal results.

My daughter refered me to Barbara when I came to Sheridan for an 11 week stay. I began acupuncture right away and things in my bladder began to change. In addition to my bladder function, Barbara began to incorporate treatment to a 30 year knee injury that left my right knee in constant pain and the inability to straighten my leg and I always walked with a limp.

After 1 treatment, my knee was markedly improved. After 10 treatments she began me on Chinese herbs …. WOW! I am a new woman! My bladder has not been painful for an entire week – even when I’m full. I can hold a larger amount of liquid without pain, even when my bladder is full I am not experiencing the horrible pain that I would have otherwise felt! Thank you Barbara! You have a loyal patient for life!
Age 72
I fell on a boat dock on July 17 and injured my right leg. I am on blood thinners so I had severe bruising and a massive hematoma on the inside of my right knee. 18 days after the accident I flew to my wifes and my ranch in Parkman Wyo. I still could barely walk, and was still in a lot of pain.

I called Powder River Acupuncture 2 days later. Barbara told me to come that day. After the 3rd treatment I was feeling better, walking better and in a lot less pain. I will have had 6 treatments before I fly back to South Carolina, and feeling like a new man.

Most all of the swelling and all of the bruising has gone thanks to her acupuncture and herbal medicines. I will almost be 100 percent after 6 treatments with her. The difference is amazing! She is a wonderful, caring person, and a great healer. I would reccomend her to anyone.

Thanks Barbara!
p.s. The tea was terrible, but worth it!!
Age 62
Barbara was an answer to my prayers! She has helped me from my very first appointment which to me is always remarkable to feel better right off the bat.

I live on a ranch and have always had some sort of injury or something that needed fixed or attended to! I’m terrified of needles but was so in pain and decided to take a chance on acupuncture. Barbara has become not only my go to for my aches and pains but a very special friend.
Age 59
Barbara Laughlin has been my acupuncturist for 11 years. I came to her in hopes of getting my female chemistry into balance, believing that it might help my clinical depression -- and it has!

Barbara has helped me over the years to normalize hormone imbalances with treatments and herbal-nutritional support. She helped me work through mid-life stuff, injuries and heartbreaks with her patient listening, deep care, and knowledge of being a woman and through training in nourishing a woman’s body and spirit.
Age 50
The herbs for my post-chemo fatigue have been fantastic. My energy has grown in leaps and bounds.
Age 67
Thank you for everything you have done for us both through the years. I know the work you did on my husband helped his neck heal above and beyond what the doctors thought was possible. With all the hardware in his neck, he has more range of motion than they predicted for him.
Age 44
I began getting acupuncture from Barbara in March of 2007. Throughout this time I went to her once a month for a “tune-up.” It seemed as though every month through those years in addition to the “tune-up” I had specific ailments that I requested she work on such as: shoulder pain, knee pain, hand pain and digestion issues. She was able to brief relief for all of these symptoms.

Two years ago at age 75, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. She has treated me for tremors and balance. Barbara has impressed me with her diligence to research Parkinson’s and do her best to treat the disease. She has created a mixture of herbs that I use to make a “tea” that I drink daily. It doesn’t take away all of the symptoms of Parkinson’s, but if I don’t take it I can tell a big difference.

I always looked forward to my monthly treatment. Barbara is dedicated and truly cares about me as an individual. I highly recommend her. She will be missed in our Wyoming community.
Age 77
I began to seek out alternative medicine when my husband and I began to try to conceive in 2007. I used acupuncture and Barb’s natural herbal teas monthly and at the age of 29 I experienced my first natural menstrual cycle without the use of Birth control pills.

Eight months into weekly/monthly treatments we conceived our first child. I have continued to visit Barb over the years for headaches, ganglion cyst, cramps and general stress relief. Barb takes the time to access your needs and make each treatment unique to what you need at the time.

I will miss her and her gentle acupuncture, scraping and cupping so much. Each time, I fell asleep and floated from the bed as the acupuncture and energy carried my worries and reset my mind where it needed to be and made everything flow like it is supposed to.
Age 42
Barbara Laughlin has been helping me for over ten years. She is very competent in her profession. She is knowledgeable, kind and caring. Her acupuncture techniques have helped me during my recovery from shoulder surgery and my two knee surgeries. She has also helped me recover from a pinched sciatic nerve and recently a lower back problem that was causing pain that was hard to deal with. I would be willing to recommend you to any person that is looking for help with any problems.
Age 80
You have given me good treatment for my neck, back and sides. Treatments have been very effective and helpful for the pain I was enduring. Would strongly recommend you for acupuncture treatment to anyone.
Age 79